Aler sock was founded in 1965 by mr Yusuf Erdal as a Erdal sock. Ęt was a family company in along term but mr Erdal who Works in this company as a share holder one day taking radical decision he transforred his share to other family members and founded Aler sock with his experiences and new World technology it continius it’s prodoctions with valuing environmental factors ensuring the health and comfort ot the foot creote difrent concept in this sector.

This company began enplayment in 2009 with 8000 m2 closed area and 120 machines.

All capital investments in this factory are our own capital investments and we always benefiled from experienced and Professional consuitonts.

Today our factor distiributes %30 of man, woman, child, groups, to exports and %70 of this groups is distributed to provent companies.
Aler sock the rising value of turkey will continue tor ise firstly based on principle that human health and increasing the production and export capacity.


Producting appropriate proucts for human healthcreating safe – health environ – ment to employee protecting naturel life and palning R&D based on likes and satisfactions of costumers it contributes to the economy of this country as a one of the leading companies in the industry.